We're so happy that people love Proliss products!  Because of that love and genuine loyalty to our brand Proliss is committed to fighting and stopping diversion.


Diversion is when products are being sold through unauthorized 3rd party dealers.

Proliss is and will always be dedicated to designing and manufacturing the very best products for our customers. We can only assure a product authenticity and that the product meets our high standards if it is sold through an authorized source.


Don't risk it, don't buy it! And tell your friends about the potential danger of diverted products!

If you find a deal that’s too good to be true, it’s more than likely that you will end up with a cheap imitation. Unauthorized 3rd party retailers can be found all across the internet. We urge our customers to avoid the “too good to be true” deals as they usually are.

We are so confident in the craftsman ship of our products that all authentic Proliss products carry our Limited Lifetime Warranty. This assures that you are covered if anything were to happen to your Proliss products. Unfortunately if do not purchase your products from an authorized dealer we cannot offer the same warranties for your products.

If you think you have found diverted product please let us know.  Send us an e-mail to info@isobeauty.com and we will conduct a full investigation.