About Us

Our Professional Ceramic Hair Straighteners are the newest in technology and temperature control. They also feature Negative Ion Emitting technology to help straighten hair faster and make it smoother.

The Proliss ionic straightener is the easiest way to straighten your hair. Advanced technology creates a lasting style, preserves moisture and leaves your hair with a glossy shine. Our luxury ionic flat - iron can be used on all types and textures of hair, ceramic plates keep hair healthy by reducing hair's exposure to heat. Especially made to create different styles such as straight, wave and curl styles. Far infrared Technology? Far infrared is an advanced heating technology, developed by NASA. This technology uses natural waves of heat. The rays go through your hair, dividing molecules of minerals and oils inside your hair, bringing your hairs natural qualities up to the surface, and making your hair look shiny and silky.

Your hairs oils and minerals come up to the surface and seal, eliminating frizz and encouraging its natural shine and growth. Why are tourmaline plates better for your hair? Tourmaline is a natural source of negative ions. While using Proliss Turbo Pro Tourmaline, the tourmaline plates emit the highest amount of negative ions into your hair which reduces the risk of damage using a regular flat iron and increases the performance to a smoother, shinier and silkier result

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