Living Social Proliss Dryers Redeem Page

Living Social Proliss Ionic Dryer Pink Leopard

Dont just style your hair, EXPRESS IT!

Proliss Ionic Hair Dryers:

  • Powerful Long-Life AC motor
  • Super Hot 1600 - 2000 Watts
  • 3 heats / 3 Airflow Settings
  • Use for every hair type
  • Cold air function
  • Anti-Static Ionic

Proliss Hairlux Dryers:

  •  Turbo velocity for professional drying power
  •  Cool Air Shot
  •  Attractive, sleek and quiet
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design for easy handling
  •  Shock resistant and slip proof grip
  •  Rounded barrel with heat sensitive control system
  •  2 speed and 2 heat settings provide variable styling solution
  •  9' Cord
  •  Powerful long life AC motor
  •  Super hot 1600-2000 watts


 Differences between Ionic and Hairlux lines:

Ionic dryers have 3 heating/airflow settings and Hairlux have only 2 heating/airflow settings
Hairlux have a cold air shot button for automatic cold air and Ionic do not..